Haus Brew Tea Bundle - 22 Bottles

Haus Brew Milk + Fruit Tea - 400ml

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$45.90 tax incl.

Are you or your loved ones feeling bottled up? Don't be, because you can now order our brewed tea from the comforts of your home and sip away!

You can also include a personalised note if you're getting it as a gift, perfect to brighten up someone's day!

At just $45.90, you get

i) 22 bottles of Haus Brew (11 Flavours x 2 Bottles Each) OR

ii) Flavors Selection (State under Remarks during Checkout)

iii) Limited Haus Brew Cooler Bag

iv) Doorstep Delivery

Learn more about Haus Brew and why it is the perfect drink for all occasions by clicking HERE

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