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True fact - Placement of our vending machine is totally FREE!

Gourmet Supplies specializes in providing F&B as well as Vending solutions catered for offices, commercial and residential premises placement. 

We carry over two hundred types drinks and beverages for you to choose from. Our curated selection of bottled drinks and can drinks are both vending friendly and you can easily choose your choice of drinks which best appeal to the local taste buds and preferences of your crowd.  

We have laid out in succinct points why Gourmet Supplies has established itself as the go-to vendor for the purchasing of drinks as well as the placement of vending machines in Singapore. 


What can Gourmet Supplies uniquely offer for you:-


  • Free placement of vending machine in your outlet(s)


  • Full adherence and discharging of duties for all our staff which is in-line with our accredited Gourmet Supplies Service Level Standards (SLS) benchmark


  • Strict maintenance and regular servicing work on a weekly basis or as and when needed


  • Timely top-ups of beverages for smooth fulfillment of sales demand


  • Accountability and transparency in relation to vending sales figures   


  • Selection of exciting new drinks and beverages exclusive to Gourmet Supplies  


What does your company stand to gain:-


  • Profit sharing of sales due from our vending machine


  • Improved ancillary customer service quality and complementary value to your customers


  • Hassle-free, simple and clean income stream in extracting higher gross sales per square foot per outlet


  • Potential increase in foot traffic and awareness of your services from non-customers induced by the general demand for chilled beverages to quench their thirst in local summer’s heat


What is only required from you:


  • Space required for placement of the vending machine


  • Power supply

If you wish to understand more or are looking for wholesale solutions to your organisation's beverage needs, please feel free to reach us at or give us a call at +65 9636 4348. For drinks and beverages purchase, you can Shop Online here!

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